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Eye Health and Nutrition

Eye Health and Nutrition

When I was growing up, the only thing I heard about nutrition and my eyes was about carrots. “Did you ever see a rabbit with glasses?” was the joke.  Today, while carrots and other vegetables remain important, we know even more about the role of nutrition in our lives and that there is much that can influence our eyes’ health.

Over the next few months, we are going to be discussing the role of nutrition and how improvements to your diet can really make a difference in the health of your eyes.  We are even going to be providing “eye-healthy” recipes to show you just how easy, and delicious it is to give your eyes that bit of extra protection that can mean the difference in a long life of good vision.

We’ll be discussing antioxidants – what are they and how to I get them? You know these as certain vitamins, but today we know their role in protect your body’s cells from wear, tear and the damage of time. We’ll be discussing omega-3 fatty acids which appear to help your body in so many ways.  We’ll be discussing that vitamin standard, beta-carotene, which we find not only in carrots but many colorful vegetables.  We’ll discuss the role of bioflavonoids and the foods where they can be found. Finally, we’ll introduce some new nutritional substances - Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  This is relatively new research and we will discuss the important roles these nutrients play in the prevention of eye disease and loss of vision.

Stay with us each month as we help you to improve your overall nutrition and in doing so, support the health of your eyes for now and for the future.