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Buying Eyeglasses & Contacts Online

Contact lense fittings in North Charleston, SCWe interviewed Dr. Lesslie on the topic of “Ordering Eyeglasses and Contacts Online.” So Dr. Lesslie, please tell us, why shouldn’t we buy our eyeglasses online?

Dr. Lesslie: Cheaper isn’t always better, and in today’s world, we have to be very careful about that since it feels like everyone is trying to get our money. There have been a great deal of advancements in eyewear, and there are now many things which one can only get from their eye doctor as opposed to purchasing them online - things that truly are better for their eyes.

For example, because of the research regarding the effects of blue light from the computer screens and mobile devices, we make sure we provide the appropriate coatings to the lenses, depending on the patient’s specific lifestyle, in order to protect their eyes.

Whereas, if you order online, you don’t have anyone personally discussing all of the details with you, making sure you are getting the best product for you. Yes, you might get a pair of glasses, but they many not necessarily be the best product to protect your eyes.

Many times people try to take their own measurements and order their glasses online, but their measurements are off.   They receive a pair of glasses which they don’t see well with. This makes them think that their prescription is wrong, but in fact it wasn’t the prescription at all - their measurements were off.

So, what about contact lenses?

Dr. Lesslie: People like to think that when they get a prescription for contacts that they can just send it off and get exactly what has been prescribed by the doctor. In fact, this is not always the case. With contacts, some companies have been known to replace contact lens prescriptions with a lens that is "close" to what the patient was fit in or just change brands and fits all together.

Such products can actually damage someone’s eyes or possibly cause them to go blind. We believe that it is never a good idea to order contact lenses online from a third party company.

Is it really cheaper to order eyeglasses and contacts online?

Dr. Lesslie: Surprisingly, many times no. We try to keep the prices of our contact lenses quite competitive with the online stores because we don’t want our patients to order online and get a bad product and possibly damage their eyes. Also, many times the online stores may have the actual box of contacts a few dollars cheaper, but they will charge you shipping.