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Multifocal / Progressive Lenses

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progressive diagramReferred to as "no-line" bifocals or trifocals, progressive glasses are ideal for patients who have presbyopia —a vision condition marked by a decrease in the ability to focus sharply on nearby objects.

As we age naturally, our ability to see nearby objects and objects in the distance can decrease. Progressive lenses address separate visual needs in one lens—usually with a “distance viewing” field build into the upper portion of the lens, and a “near vision” field built into the lower portion.

Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals, there are no visible lines separating the different fields of a progressive lens. Your eyes are seen clearly behind the progressive eyeglasses, you’ve got the same “look” as eyeglass wearers often half your age, and there are no “lens lines” to distract your vision.

Watch Lesslie Vision Care's a short video about Progressive Lenses:


Q: Will I see better with progressive lenses?

A: Premium progressive lenses provide a much more extensive, distortion-free reading zone. Vision is most clearer than bi and trifocals, as well as other progressive lenses. These progressive lenses are completely custom ordered, sized, and designed specifically to your measurements, and are 100% digitally surfaced or ground. This offers the client the clearest most natural vision possible to a person with presbyopia!

Q: Will images still jump like with progressive lenses, like they do with bi and trifocals?

A: With progressives “image jump” is completely eliminated. Image jump occurs in bifocals and trifocals when the lines on the lenses make an sudden change in power which causes pictures to seem to jump as you move from distance to close up vision. Progressives make a smooth, more natural move from distance to close up and back.


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Dear Friends,

Due to the COVID-19 virus and per the CDC recommendations for optometrists to stop seeing patients for routine eyecare, we have decided it is in the best interest of our patients, staff, and doctors to decrease patient interactions at this time. We will be in the office for patients in case of emergency or urgent eyecare needs to decrease patients using emergency rooms for these instances. This could change as things progress so please call the office before heading over. We will still be dispensing contact lenses and eyeglasses to individuals who have ordered them. Patients can stop in as needed to pick them up. For those patients that are running low on contact lenses or need to re-order, please consider using this website to order from our office. This would be beneficial to both of us during these uncertain times because lenses will be mailed straight to your house and you would be supporting us during this temporary shut down. Thank you for your consideration. Please stay home and stay safe!