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Charleston Flavor

There's no place on earth like Charleston. Originally colonized by early American pioneers, it is the oldest and second largest city in the great state of South Carolina. Charleston, SC was founded in 1670 in honor of King Charles II of England (Long Live the KING!!) With a rich history, well-preserved architecture, distinguished restaurants, and mannerly people, Charleston is one of the most unique cities in the United States.

The Charleston culture hails from a blend of traditional Southern U.S., English, French, and West African elements. The Local Charleston, SC crowd exhibits these influences in their art, music, local cuisine, and fashion.

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Random Trivia…

The first time this game was played in the United States, the event took place in Charleston. What was that sport?




Accent? Nothing like a southern accent. Though rapidly disappearing, the Charleston accent can still be recognized by the typical local pronunciation of the city's name; Chah-l-ston.


With influence like the Gullah community and geechee the night life in Charleston is never dull, with our music from talents like William "Cat" Anderson, Jabbo Smith and Freddie Green. 

Historic Charleston is bursting with Southern charm and hospitality

Drayton Hall 2007.jpg

One of the many reasons for Charleston's appeal is the historic architecture of its various neighborhoods. This is thanks to the city's antebellum architecture and surrounding plantation landscapes. It feels as if time has been suspended with architectural icons such as The Drayton Hall,  the city’s greatest example of Palladian architecture and one of the plantation houses open to the public. 

220px Calhoun Mansion in Charleston 2C SC

Another architectural treasure that really showcases the city's historic air is The Calhoun Mansion.  Along the spacious streets lined with towering moss-covered live oaks, pre-Revolutionary courtyards, slate stone sidewalks, you can't help but be transported 300 earlier to the city’s founding.

Arthur Ravenel Bridge (from water).jpg

Connecting Charleston to Mount Pleasant is the famous Arthur Ravenel  Jr. Bridge.  This 8 lane bridge replaced 2 antiquated cantilever truss bridges in 2005.  This bridges is famous as being the 3rd longest cable bridge in the western hemisphere and is also ones of Charleston's most famous landmarks. 

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A War Between Brothers

No American city has helped define what it means to be an American as much as Charleston has. It was a center of conflict in both the war of independence from the British crown in 1779 and a War for economic freedom in 1830. One location where all of this can be learned and felt is Fort Sumter and it's a panoramic view. Fort Sumter clearly shows how unique the peninsula of Charleston is.

220px Fort Sumter Aerial View The fort was originally built in 1812 – 1861 (just in time for the Civil War) to help protect the Coast and natural harbor of Charleston, SC. In 1860 when the Great State of South Carolina declared it's secession from the Union, Fort Sumter was the in Union Hands. Here, the first shots of the war between Brothers began. The fort was the site of 2 major battles and a siege and eventually fell into Confederate Hand. Today Fort Sumter is a historic site and a National Monument. These images are from